Fuel Like a Fitness Professional

I’ve known Jessica Cornett for around 5 years. I first met her teaching group fitness classes at Hendrix College and 10 Fitness in Conway. Jessica is a full time mom to two boys (8 and 4 months),  runs her own business, and teaches 6 group fitness classes per week all while keeping her health and fitness a priority. I wanted to sit down with her and chat with her about how she fuels her body and get some take-aways you can add into your own daily routines!

 10 Fitness Conway Body Pump

10 Fitness Conway Body Pump


workout schedule

Jessica keeps a very consistent schedule but allows for flexibility. She’s currently teaching 6 classes per week at 10 Fitness in Conway: spin, BodyPump, and yoga.  But she tries to workout OUTSIDE of her classes 6 days a week! Roughly 12 workouts per week is a lot!  “They’re all 30 minutes or less,” she told me about her home workouts, “The baby only sits still for so long.” I asked how she was able to workout with a 4 month old while her husband is at work. “He loves the outside,” she explained. By doing her workouts via Beachbody On Demand she’s able to workout in her backyard while her son is in his bumbo or pack’n’play.


I asked how much of a role nutrition plays in keeping her fueled for 6 classes a week, plus 6 home workouts, and taking care of two boys.  

“I mean huge! If I’m not fueled, i won’t be able to push through my workouts. I get weak too fast trying to power through a strength section in class or at home. It’s not going to be a pretty workout.”  If you’re going to make time in your busy, busy day to workout, make sure it’s the best it can be by taking care of your body.

Besides not being able to push herself, she’s not able to recover. “I need to eat after workouts! Just to get your energy back up. Food is energy for me!”

Jessica will sometimes do fasted workouts in the mornings and need to feed right after.  That’s when she grabs pre-made meals from Healthy Chew, it just works out perfectly. She will be STARVING after a fasted workout and having something prepared doesn’t let you give into the junk. The same applies to everyday meals.



take aways

Meal prepping takes up a lot of time. Especially when you’re busy. Jessica said she asked herself, “Should I outsource my meals?” She could make them herself, and used to, but that means losing hours working her business. “If someone else can do it, outsource it.” This has allowed her to be more productive in life and business.  Plus it takes away temptation! If you have a meal already portioned and made, you’re less likely to roll through Wendy’s (they don’t even serve spicy nuggets anymore so forget them anyway!)

q & a

  • Biggest tips for new moms who are wanting to achieve health and fitness goals?

Have patience. You won’t have the perfect day. You’ll set a time and then the obstacles start coming in. “Be ready to be flexible” As long as you get it in, you get it in. It won’t be perfect timing.

  • If you could suggest 1 thing that everyone with health and fitness goals needs to take from your routine, what would it be?

Be consistent. Pick a program you will do and you will love. Not everyone likes to HIIT train. If you don’t love it you won’t do it long term. If you love it your body will adjust to needing and wanting it.

  • Go-to snack that you always carry with you?

I always have a cooler on me. Shakeology, trail mix with nuts and berries, and usually has greek yogurt with frozen fruit. Buy frozen fruit! It won’t go bad!

  • Favorite Healthy Chew meal?

I do gluten and dairy free. The Chicken Marsala was amazing and I really like the salad. Oh, the cashew chicken! Makes you feel like you’re cheating.

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