Healthy Chew takes off!

As Spring is coming, Healthy Chew is preparing for it's grand opening. With it's Little Rock location opening soon, owners Chef Pete Nguyen and Tj Clark hope to be successful in the food, health and fitness industry. 

"We are excited and nervous at the same time. This is a huge stepping stone for me as I will be taking on many clients" Chef Pete states. The location will be at 9813 W. Markham, same vicinity as Andy's. "We are planning to have the location operated as a warehouse only. Hopefully with enough requests we will open it up to drop in's as we will already have food pre-made without any ahead ordering."

"I want to make sure we give the best quality in customer service in the city. I also want to make sure both our clients and team is happy" Tj states. "We have big plans and a super big marketing campaign we will launch soon when the shop is close to opening. We will bring something new to the city."

Everyone mark your calendar. This is an opening you do not want to forget! We hope to continue hearing news and success stories soon.