Baby Fat Off!! with Alden

By: Pete Nguyen

(DISCLAIMER: Results are different and vary for each individual. This story is to inspire and shed a little light in the world of losing weight. This story is in no way professional medical advice. Please consult with your doctor for more information.)

We decided here at HC to give the spot light to Alden M., a professional bodybuilding competitor and a new mother to a beautiful 7 month old daughter. Like most women who struggle losing "the baby fat," Alden successfully did it through the power of confidence, knowledge and consistency! 

Weighing at 182lbs, she began our meal prep program this past January in hopes to get back to her regular weight which was at 162. It is upfront knowledge that women expect to gain weight during pregnancy. Some fortunate to easily drop back the their regular weight in weeks; and others not so fortunate. NCBI reported that 3 out of 4 women will keep at least 20lbs post partum. However, the shocking news is on average women gain 40% of their regular weight.

Fortunately for Alden, she created a master plan to get around this! With her professional knowledge in bodybuilding, she prepared herself with workouts she could manage during her pregnancy. Workouts consisting of a combination of light strength training, cardio, and HIIT (high intense interval training).

Alden managed to only gain as much as 20lbs postpartum. Though 30 percent of the solution of losing the weight is being physically active, the other 70 percent is clean eating. Alden knew full well that being a new mother can be unpredictable. She also knew she needed a solution to clean eating with only little time for her as she was juggling with her demanding work schedule, being a mother and a wife. She finally found Healthy Chew!

It was a breeze for Alden as she knew how much to eat and figuring out her own macros. With our standard lean fix program, she received the correct portion of food from our variety weekly menu. She was able to receive her delicious meals with no hassle and not the worry of finding recipes, grocery shopping, cooking, portioning, and cleaning dishes. All she had to do was crack the lid to her container, microwave, and ready to eat!

Within months, she was losing the weight and the inches! Her fears of staying in the “plateau phase” did not come true. To summarize her progress, she was weighing in the beginning at 183lbs. As of March going into April 2017, she now weighs 167lbs. She hopes to reach her goal this May. She is also confident she will compete in women’s bodybuilding next year. Keep on keeping on Alden!!