I am trying to lose weight but I do I know if meal preparation services are for me?

About 70% of the problem with obesity is eating and how much you consume. Studies have shown that by changing your way of eating and fitting in a healthier life style will result in better physique and health. If you are serious about making the change as we are and want live a healthier life style, join the Healthy Chew family today!

How can meal preparation services benefit me?

1. We choose a menu for you so you do not have to waste time trying to figure out what to cook.
2. No washing dishes! Our meals come in a reusable and safe certified containers.
3. In most cases, we have successfully helped many individuals save money when comparing how much they pay when eating out.
4. SAVE A LOT OF TIME! That time preparing your meals can be spent on something important like family, your job, etc.
5. Live a healthier life style! Read our testimonials and stories where individuals express their life changing journey.

I've decided to get meal prep services, how do I get meals?

Here at Healthy Chew Kitchen you have 3 oppurtunies to get food with us.
1. We have Grab'N'Gos at both of our locations for $5.00 (lean portion). Give us a call @ 501-904-5111 to see if we have any for purcahsing! The only downside to this is we cannot always guarantee we will have meals because they sell out so fast!
2. If you need meals for the following week you can go ahead and place your order online! This will guarantee your order. This option is most ideal for people who order 2 out of the 4 weeks.
3. If you know you're going to be using us frequently you have the option to save 10% on your meals! You have to sign up with us for a monthly commitment, and check out our facebook for promotions on addtional discounts.

How do I know what meal plan to join?

If you're having issues choosing a meal plan you can come visit us during business hours @ our main location (9811 W Markham St.)or give us a call @ 501-904-5111 and we'll be more than happy to help you pick the perfect plan for your lifestyle.

What all do you guys offer?

We have our Gourmet Menu which consist of 4 portion sizes: Low Carb, Lean Fix, Fit Portion, and Body Building and these are all Macro based. We also now offer Vegan, Vegetarian, and Pescatarian meals. We work with a lot of Body Builders and even have customers who are on extreme weight lost journeys! We like to cater to all types of lifestyles so give us a call @ 501-904-5111 to see if we can hel you!

Check out how easy it is to order through our website! 

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